5″ Professional’s Short Shank Loose Ring Gag Bit


New with tags, 5″ Pro Choice Loose Ring Smooth Mouth Gag bit, with very short shanks at just 4.5″ to the bottom on the rein ring. Contoured mouth, traditional snaffle joint Comes with curb chain. Nice, balanced bit that is new and less than retail! Per Pro Choice:

A short shank gag with loose rein ring functions similar to a ring bit but allows use of a curb chain to increase collection and bend. 4″ cheek. 5″ smooth, sweet iron, 2-piece snaffle has a slight curve to the bars, allowing the bit to rest comfortably across your horse’s entire mouth. This mouthpiece is considered to be mild. This bit will rust when exposed to moisture. This creates a sweet taste in the horse’s mouth and promotes salivation. Lifetime guarantee.

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