17.5″ Stubben Siegfried CS Close Contact Saddle


Stubben’s are one of our favorite saddles. In fact, we started off with this exact saddle and still ride in one today! This Stubben Siegfried, which is one of Stubben’s most recognizable models, is in good used condition.This saddle measures 17.5″, and fits true to that with a very narrow twist, while offering more of a hunter style seat that is more shallow and with the square cantle. It has 14.5″ forward set flaps with a high set knee block, to help support the riders leg over fences. CS flaps are Stubben’s design to offer a Close Contact feel, without being too forward to still work for flat work. It has a 30cm gullet, which is Stubben’s Medium, however fits closer to a Medium Wide, almost Wide, with a 5.25″ gullet with a wide channel.  Fairly standard, upswept panels that measure 22″. Is wool flocked, so can have some adjustments made to it. This saddle has seen some ride time, so has time and use appropriate wear, with some significant wear at the pommel head that is purely cosmetic. Could use a flocking sooner rather later, but is sound and oo so affordable!

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